Wishram Wa Maps and Directions

Wishram Wa Maps and Directions

Wishram Wa Maps and Directions is to Klickitat County, Washington, United States. The population was 213 at the 2000 census. The site of the historic Celilo Falls is nearby.

The community was originally named Fallbridge; it was changed to Wishram to honor the Wishram tribe of Native Americans.  The nearby Dalles Dam was completed in 1957, and began filling Lake Celilo. The original fishing village near this location was inundated.

Wishram’s location results from two major geological features: the location of the Celilo Falls on the Columbia River, and the access to the Central Oregon Plateau via the Deschutes River just across the falls from Wishram. The falls not only provided early peoples a reliable source of food, but it later provided a convenient location for an easily constructed railroad bridge crossing the Columbia. The Deschutes valley just to the south of the falls provided a route for rail access to the south, and ultimately to California.

Wishram lies toward the upper end of the Columbia River Gorge, which began forming as far back as theMiocene, (roughly 12 – 17 million years ago) depositing thick layers of Columbia River Basalt, and continued to take shape through the Pleistocene, (700,000 – 2 million years ago). During this period the Cascades Range was forming, slowly moving the Columbia River’s course north to its current location.

Although the river slowly eroded the land over this period of time, the most drastic changes took place at the end of the last Ice Age when the Missoula Floods cut the steep, dramatic walls that exist around Wishram today. During the flood, the water level rose to 700 feet above the current level, violently eroding and exposing the layered basalt.[5] This quick erosion left many layers of volcanic rock exposed.

Lewis and Clark mentioned the site of Wishram in their journal. In his journal for 22 October 1805.

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