Lyle Wa Maps and Directions

Lyle Wa Maps and Directions

Lyle Wa Maps and Directions was established around 1859, the original name of the community was Klickitat Landing. The first European settler was Egbert French, who arrived from Ohio.

Lyle Washington is located on the north side of the Columbia River on Hwy 14 about 70 miles east of Vancouver Washington. The Klickitat River run pretty much through the middle of Lyle Wa and enters the Columbia River Gorge. A few minutes away is very popular windsurfing and sailboarding locations.

Lyle Wa is historical because even Lewis and Clark stopped for supplies at Doug’s Beach on October 29, 1805, and then stopped in the Lyle area at a native village along the Klickitat River.

Lyle Wa is a great place for outdoor recreation such as windsurfing, kite boarding, there is even some great hunting property on the northern end!

Lyle Wa Maps and Directions will get you to a beautiful outdoor recreational rural town with activities like fishing, boating, windsurfing, kite boarding, hunting and historical sites.

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