Bickleton Commercial

Bickleton Commercial Klickitat County

Bickleton commercial has cheap land prices making this area a great place to invest and relax. The Zoning in most of this area is General Rural 5 Acre home sites on the NW  side. The rest aside town are 20 acre Extensive agriculture. This area makes great for investing in the future. I have one client who has taken 5 Washington state record Blacktail bucks from this area. Most people consider Bickleton Washington property in this area remote, secluded and very private.

The Yakima Indian Nation is on the North side and borders Bickleton Washington treed lands. The North side of Bickleton Washington is pretty treed with Pine and Oak has tons of wildlife! There are two main ridges NW of Bickleton Known as the horse heaven hills and the Bickleton simcoe mountain ridge. The roads are primitive but generally have some base gravel on them. Great area for Doomsday Preppers due to an everyone knows someone community… Dreaming of the “Cabin in the woods, land prices here in Bickleton Washington make this dream a reality…
The South side is windmill country, cattle grazing and of course black tail deer, turkey, coyote, rabbit…. and more… Mt Hood views from some parts.
Bickleton Wa is a census-designated place in Klickitat County, Washington, United States. Bickleton was first settled in 1879 by Charles N. Bickle. The population was 88 at the 2010 census.

Bickleton is known as the bluebird capital of the world. In the 1950s Jess and Elva Brinkerhoff were picnicking in this small town after coming from nearby Richland put a can in a tree for some birds. It became a local fad and now there are thousands of birdhouses purposely built to house bluebirds.

Both the Mountain Bluebird and the Western Bluebird nest in Bickleton. Maintaining the houses by cleaning old nests is a major task for the local residents. It is funded by profits from bluebird souvenirs sold to tourists at Whitmore’s Whoop-n-Holler Ranch Museum.

Bickleton does not have the state land or timber company land access you see in the western part of Klickitat County. If you want to hunt this area it’s best you buy some property! Bickleton Washington has a website: check it out, neat little town…